No, We Haven’t Killed Each Other, Yet

Our wedding!

Today marks two whole months since R. and I got hitched!  Time has flown by, and we’ve definitely had our hands full since the wedding!

Speaking of busy, I’m here to tell you the cold, hard truth of combining finances with your spouse – why it sucks, why it’s fantastic, and why it’s the best thing to keep your marriage together.  I may not be an expert on marriage yet, but I know what old married couples have told me.

Even the thought of combining accounts is enough for some of us to jump out a window.  Especially when you’re in your 30’s and have managed money independently for some time.  It feels like there’s suddenly a rooster in the hen-house.  “Hey, um, what are you doing here?  No, no, that’s mine – please don’t go through my things!”  It’s weird.  Not only does your spouse have access to all of your money, but you also hand over an equal vote to what happens to that money.  And it’s not just your money anymore, it’s our money.  Every feminist bone in my body wanted to jump out and burn a bra in solidarity of my independent sisters not needing men.  Continue reading


I’m Debt-Free! (Freaking Finally)

libertad-interiorThis, folks, is the post I’ve worked so hard for the privilege of writing.

I made my LAST debt-payment ever on April 15th (Tax Day, ironically), with my second-to-last paycheck from my job in the insurance industry.  It was $963.70 to be exact.  I must say, I have never been so happy to fork over $963.70 to anyone, but that was all I needed to buy my freedom.  Let’s recap my debt board: Continue reading