Soon To Be Mrs. Clean

3086827283_e9e762331c1Here is what will most likely be my last debt tally (!!!):

Student Loan 003: $0

Student Loan 004: $962.44

Total Debt: $962.44

Nine hundred, sixty-two dollars and 44 freaking cents!  I just received my yearly bonus, so I chunked all that towards Sallie Mae.  Then I raided every savings account I have, minus the emergency fund, which brought me below the thousand dollar mark.  My car still hates me, so it’s best to just be patient and wait the 8 excruciating days.  I would use the pennies amassed in the bottom of my purse, but a co-worker told me that might be going off the deep end.  Maybe.  Maybe not.    

It’s such a surreal feeling.  This will be my first time as an adult living debt-free.  My shoulders are a little lighter.  I walk a little taller.  I finally feel like an adult and I’m handling my business like adults should (I think they call it “adult-ing”).  Through this 18-month journey, with every payment, I feel like I have more and more of my life back.  I never realized the financial weight I carried around every day.  

Which brings me to this revelation:  I NEVER want the burden of debt again.  EVER.  

I cut up one of my credit cards a few months back, but I haven’t called to cancel it yet.  I haven’t had the courage to cut up what used to be my main credit card…Citi Bank.  I’m ready to be done forever with debt.  I know now that there is no reason to take out a car payment or student loans.  Credit cards are just an excuse to buy stuff I don’t need.  I could even pay cash for a house if I’m patient and buy a house I can afford.  Afford meaning something I have the cash for.  

Debt was never be an option for our ancestors.  So, what happened to us?  American pioneers would go to the general store and buy supplies with cash.  They’d build a house in exactly the size they actually needed.  They would clothe and feed their children with less than they make.  Anything remaining would be saved for a “rainy” day.  What a simple, uncomplicated, and intelligent way to live.  Why would we get away from that?  

Something else our ancestors never did?  Open their mailbox to a bunch of unpaid bills.  I hate bills – I try not to have them.  I don’t like messiness.  I don’t like drama.  I like things to be clean.  

The second I ever charged something to a credit card or took out a loan, the trajectory looked like this:  I put that item on my card, I owe the creditor.  I also don’t own that item until I pay the creditor in full.  I get the bill at the end of the month and pray there’s enough in my checking to cover the minimum or the full balance owed.  Maybe I pay some interest.  Enter: messiness and drama.  

Now, I walk into a store and pay cash for whatever I need.  I walk out and I never have to think about that transaction again.  Simple and clean.  How nice is that?  

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’d like to live a simpler life and get rid of your financial clutter. One of the easiest ways to do that is to pay off debt…forever.  What’s the greatest thing about a paid off balance?  They stop sending you bills!

Simple.  Clean.  Drama-free. That’s my new mantra.

On a side note, the wedding is 15 days away!

How are some ways drama ceased to exist in your life, financially?  How has your debt-free journey changed you?  Comment below, and please don’t forget to like and subscribe to my blog!


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