They Can’t Repo My Bachelor’s Degree, Right?

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Photo Credit: Flickr – State Farm Graduation and Safe Driving Album

Here’s my current debt standing:

Student Loan: $7,283.39

Loan 002: $0

Loan 003: $2,764.48

Loan 004: $4,518.91

I paid off Loan 002! The way I organized my debt snowball when I finally got to my student loan made a huge difference in my attitude. This is the crown jewel of my debt – the one that filled me with both dread and excitement when I started chunking money at it. I graduated college with about $22,000 in student loans. When I got to it last year after paying off the car, the balance after paying the minimums for 5 years was still about $18k. I sighed when I looked at the balance. Then I realized that I can use the same Debt Snowball strategy to break it up by the individual loans and handle one at a time.

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Dear Murphy, you’re a(n) ____.

Let’s start with my remaining balances:

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Student Loan Total: $8535.86

Loan 002: $529.56

Loan 003: $3498.70

Loan 004: $4507.60

Hello folks! Well, we’re about 2 ½ months from the wedding and still chipping away at my student loan. I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while, but this wedding planning stuff is no joke!

Not that I let that deter me in the least in my debt-payoff plan. I will say that I should be further along, but we had a visit from this jerk named Murphy back in November. My car needed about $2000 worth of repairs…and it’s still not fixed.  My car and I are not getting along right now, but for the meantime he’s still drive-able. Thankfully, I had my $1000 emergency fund that I used, and then redirected my next loan payment to pay the mechanic. Continue reading