People Come First

I’m going to start opening each post with my Debt Snowball update from now on.  It’s good to have a visualization for me and for you, the reader.  Here goes:

Current Debt:

Car Loan: $3,790.10

Student Loan: $17,983.31

Total: $21,773.41

I’m a happy camper!  These numbers tell me that everything I’ve been doing with my budget, with scrimping and sacrificing, and taking on side gigs/overtime has been working!  I’m finally below the $4,000 mark on my car (YAY!), below $18,000 on my student loan and below $22,000 on my total debt.  There was a very low point about 8 years ago when I never thought I’d make so much progress on my student loans and have a car very close to being paid off.

When I did my taxes, I lucked out and ended up getting a return of $107.  It’s not much, but it’s extra money I didn’t have before.  That and another $108 from the part-time gig, and the $151 already budgeted, that gave me $366 to apply towards the principal.  It’s like I tell myself on long runs, slow and steady wins this race.  I’m starting to get antsy from seeing the light, but I have to be patient because there is only so much money available to throw at my debt without completely destroying my budget.

With that being said, I did get a very important reality check from R. a few days ago.  We had discussed going up to Iowa this year for Christmas to visit his family.  Originally, it was my idea since they rarely get to see him during the holidays.  When the topic came up again, I told him that I really needed to focus on my debt payoff this year and maybe we should wait until next year.  He gently reminded me that we’d be engaged sometime this year and that his grandparents are getting older and he might not have the chance to visit them again.

I felt terrible.  I’m not that close to my family, so sometimes I forget how normal families interact.  I need to remind myself that yes, paying off debt is important, but not as important as family and friends.  Never will I let my debt payoff steamroll over those I love again.

Here’s a video that epitomizes that you can still live your life and pay off debt!

What are some life events you’ve experienced while paying off debt?  I’d love to hear!  Please comment/like below. 





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